Happy Resolution updated

Today, we updated Happy Resolution, GreenCounsel’s online dispute resolution service where companies can analyze their settlement range without charge.

After having calculated the settlement range, parties can try to settle a commercial dispute online on the platform and there is only a charge if parties agree on a settlement level. The platform generates a settlement agreement and the parties can negotiate it before signing online. If the parties cannot agree, they can invite a mediator to help them settle the dispute.

More on the settlement calculator

The settlement calculator helps parties evaluate whether it is a viable road forward to go to arbitration or if it is better to settle as soon as possible. Often, especially if the disputed amount is rather small (less than 1 MSEK), it is better to settle and focus on other business activities instead. The calculator makes an estimate of costs which you can edit before downloading a detailed analysis and recommendation on how to move forward with the dispute.

Where do I go if I want to try the settlement calculator?

You can reach the settlement calculator via https://www.happyresolution.eu.

Where can I learn more about Happy Resolution?

Check out Happy Resolution’s site at https://www.happyresolution.eu/home (Swedish) and https://www.happyresolution.eu/home-en (English).


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