GreenCounsel and apendo in LegalTech cooperation

GreenCounsel and apendo have joined forces to develop an AI-powered online platform for legal advice.

The project will develop a prototype application to provide online legal advice based on a Digital Assistant (AI) in combination with support for providing legal advice by a person through online meeting. In the service, easier advice is handled automatically with the help of a Digital Assistant (AI). The AI application is to be trained in a particular area of jurisdiction, but the prototype aims to develop a method of training the application to be able to scale up the service with multiple legal areas and several languages. The project aims to create a completely new and unique accessibility to legal advice in a format that becomes easily accessible to the community in terms of format and cost. The project will be performed in an agile collaboration between legal expertise and IT development of the Digital Assistant. Through this way of working, we create an expert service/data model and an intuitive application to “consume” the service through different channels.

The project has received 2 MSEK support from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency,  in its recent call for LegalTech innovation projects – from analog to digital.

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