David by GreenCounsel

In August 2018, GreenCounsel will launch “David by GreenCounsel”, an online platform for handling and managing both simple as well as complex custom processes, involving information collection, approvals, document generation and signing with multiple persons involved. The platform ensures compliance with internal processes as well as an efficient handling of a variety of matters. A user could easily set up processes on his or her own and type documents into GreenCounsel’s rich text editor online. GreenCounsel’s document generator supports conditional texts and values collected from different sources, including a personal clause library on the platform. Documentation and information is version-handled and encrypted. The platform provides track-changes between different document versions.

Video conferencing and automatic meeting scheduling is integrated into the platform so a lawyer is never far away in case a customer needs to discuss strategic questions while submitting or reviewing information on the platform.

More information to come in connection with launch in August 2018.