Legaltech platform

In 2018, GreenCounsel launched its flagship legaltech platform, David by GreenCounsel.

David by GreenCounsel is an online legaltech platform for quickly setting up complex workflows to automate legal and other matters from start to end. With modules such as document generation, integrated video conferencing, digital signing, approvals, custom integration etc., it is possible to quickly set up and execute a variety of workflows tailored to your needs. A sneak-peek of a few use cases is available below. A detailed list of some of the features in David by GreenCounsel is available here. If you are interested in exploring what David by GreenCounsel can do for you, book a demo free of cost here where we can show more and discuss your needs.

GreenCounsel cooperates with legal advisors who want to provide their customers with cost-efficient and high-quality legal advice. We achieve this by using legaltech tools  to make the delivery of legal services efficient and automated.


Use case: Handling of an internal workflow (putting some legal documents in place)


A glimpse into how you build complex document templates and set up a workflow in less than half an hour in David by GreenCounsel


Use case: A demo of the first service released in David by GreenCounsel: the online dispute resolution service Happy Resolution