David by GreenCounsel features a legaltech platform for handling everything from simple to complex processes involving information collection, automatic analysis, document generation, approvals, digital signing etc. It helps you standardize your processes while at the same time providing flexibility.

See below a summary of David’s main features:

  • Process manager keeps the process going. Process administrator can inactivate and step forward/step back the process as required. Actions are logged.¬†Process can be started by random user without login or by specified users with login.
  • Notifications and automatic follow-up.
  • Version handling features in document templates, questionnaires, generated documents as well as edited or uploaded documents, information collection, clause library and track-changes (compare different document versions to keep track of changes/edits).
  • Document generator features PDF and Word. Multiple sets of documents can be combined in a package.
  • Possible to edit generated documents and questionnaires online before approving them, providing an opportunity to contract negotiation online with automatic versioning.
  • Document template builder in a rich-text editor (WYSIWYG) with e.g. conditional text, private clause library and comments. Document templates are connected with one or more questionnaires.
  • Process builder with drag-and-drop modules. Crossroads module and conditional document templates provide the opportunity to build a process tree consisting of different sub-processes and multilingual support.
  • Questionnaire builder with drag-and-drop.
  • Digital signatures (BankID, SMS, email, by hand).
  • Encryption (at rest and in transit). No information is sent by email. Login is required to access information.
  • Possible to include custom logo for specific process and/or for specific document template.
  • Scheduling of and handling video conferences integrated.
  • Minimum manual handling needed. Once the process is set up, it can run without any administration.
  • Unlimited number of persons can interact in the process (by signing or approving information/documentation). The process lays out who should do what.