Features in David

David by GreenCounsel features a legaltech platform for handling everything from simple to complex workflows involving information collection, automatic analysis, document generation, approvals, digital signing etc.

It helps you standardize your workflows while at the same time providing flexibility.

We sometimes get the comment that we should restrict the number of features. We think differently. We do not sell the parts. We sell the car so that you can get from A to Z. You cannot run a car without somewhere to sit, without wheels, without a brake, without a steering wheel. The problem with most legaltech companies today is that they sell the parts but not the car. They expect that the lawyers should put everything they need together themselves and carry the customer to the end destination. We believe that a wheel is a wheel and a gas pedal is a gas pedal. The important thing is that they work together seamlessly and that you can trust that they can get you where you want.

The future is a car where the customer is in the driver’s seat, the lawyer has laid out the journey beforehand and can join the ride to guide the driver when needed.

David is like a self-driving car where the lawyer has configured the map beforehand and can jump in on the journey when assistance is needed.
“The future is like a car where the customer is in the driver’s seat and the lawyer has prepared the journey and can jump in when needed to guide the driver.”

See below a summary of David’s main features:

Overall features

  • Workflow builder where workflow modules can be put together to accommodate virtually any type of matter, small or big, simple or complex. The end result is a linear workflow covering a matter from A to Z with maximum efficiency of lawyer time. Conditions help set up a versatile workflow that can handle any type of action required along the way.
  • Notifications and automatic follow-up. Individual to-do-list tracks actions that you need to take.
  • Encryption (at rest and in transit). No information is sent by email. Login is required to access information.

Underlying features

  • Document generator features PDF and Word. Multiple sets of documents can be combined in a package in a single step. Possible to edit generated documents online before approving them, providing an opportunity to contract negotiation online with automatic versioning. You do not move forward unless all who should approve have approved the same version. Document template builder in a rich-text editor (WYSIWYG) with e.g. conditional text based on data submitted in previous questionnaires in the workflow, private clause library and comments means that the workflow can handle all needs in order to fully automate the matter as required.
  • Questionnaires with different input types (short text, long text, formatted text, dates, numbers, files, images, radio buttons, checkboxes etc). Questionnaire builder with drag-and-drop.
  • Digital signatures (Swedish BankID, SMS, email, by hand). We are constantly looking in to integrate with more e-signing providers to accommodate customers’ needs.
  • Video meetings: Scheduling of and video meetings integrated. Experts input what times they are available for meetings and customers book meetings without the expert having to spend any time on it. The system keeps track of availability.
  • Chatbot which complements the workflow with legal advice relating to simpler questions on the subject-matter at hand, freeing lawyer time. With multilingual support. 70-80 % accuracy after only six hours of training (AI/machine learning).
  • Version handling features in document templates, questionnaires, generated documents as well as edited or uploaded documents, information collection, clause library. Track-changes in generated documents (compare different document versions to keep track of changes/edits).
  • Possible to include custom logo for specific workflow and/or for specific document template (whitelabel).
  • Workflows can be configured in Swedish and English but Swedish can be replaced by any other language as needed.